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Ground metered spreading and spraying at any speed for precise application of product.  Less spillage and less waste.  Easy one touch digital controls with a direct drive system.

MSRP: $13,400*

*Excludes freight, tax, and set-up


  • 22 gal spray tank
  • 150 lbs hopper
  • Easy digital controls
  • Ground metered spreading and spraying
  • Tremendous cost savings with less chemical waste
  • Auto parking brake
  • Curved hopper disk
  • Stainless steel tube frame
  • 385 lbs empty
  • 35” wide
  • 56” long
  • 43” tall
  • 22 gal spray
  • 150 lb hopper
  • Kohler Command Pro CH270 (7hp)
  • Spraying width (wide: 8′-10′) (trim: 3′-5′)
  • Spreading width (wide: 16′-24′) (trim: 4′-10′)